Jewish outdoor food farming environmental education

From Los Angeles to Boston, with many stops between, JOFEE partners are farming, teaching, advocating, and building community. While sharing the JOFEE mission, each offers its own vision of and contribution to the meeting of Judaism and the natural world. Learn about our partners below, and discover what JOFEE has to offer. is a field-building resource and platform for a growing movement, inclusive of a broad array of Jewish environmental organizations.

JOFEE stands for Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education.

JOFEE experiences connect people to Judaism, community, and the natural world. JOFEE programs engage participants of many different ages, Jewish backgrounds, and religious approaches. Tens of thousands of people engage in JOFEE activities every year, from learning about Jewish harvest rituals to starting a CSA. Combining methods from existing secular models with Jewish learning, wisdom, and traditions, JOFEE programs create entry points to Jewish life and social action.

Discover more about our growing movement: read the JOFEE report.

This website contains information and resources about the JOFEE space.
Opinions expressed are not necessarily endorsed by every JOFEE partner organization.