JOFEE stands for Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education – and here is our Theory of Change.

JOFEE experiences connect people to Judaism, community, and the natural world through hands-on, thoughtful and engaging Jewish programming across ages, backgrounds, and religious approaches. From pre-school to retirement, JOFEE has something for everyone.

Tens of thousands of people engage in JOFEE activities every year, from learning about Jewish harvest rituals, to composting, to eating more sustainably or starting a CSA; from transitioning facilities to greener initiatives, or standing up for our environment, to praying outside. Combining methods from the best environmental and outdoor education training with Jewish learning, wisdom, and traditions, JOFEE programs create entry points to Jewish life and social action across the globe.

The JOFEE Community is made up of farms, camps, schools, advocacy groups, retreat centers, and communal organizations working across the world to create programming which honors our ancestral wisdom and earth-based traditions.

As a community of partners with like-minded values, JOFEE organizations collaborate on a number of field-wide programs, including the JOFEE Fellowship, the JOFEE Network Gathering, the JOFEE Leadership Initiative, and more.

As shown in our nationwide report – Seeds of Opportunity – JOFEE programming has reached hundreds of thousands of people, with audiences ranging in age and Jewish background; Increasing engagement, building community, and inspiring leadership.