Action for Individuals

TEN Tips for greening at home

Looking to implement JOFEE ideals into your own life? Here are just a few suggestions for how you can take part in our movement:

  1. Compost – The landfill doesn’t want your organic trash, so don’t send it that way! By composting, you are supporting organic farming and protecting the environment. Find out where you can compost near your home.
  2. Reuse/Reduce – There are so many ways you can cut down on waste! Learn more about what happens to our unused stuff and cool ways Jews reuse!
  3. Bike – Who needs a car anyway? Cycling is good for your body, your spirit, and our shared environment! Need some inspiration? Join a Hazon Ride – because we’re all the People of the Bike!
  4. Eat with intention – Give some thought to how you can eat more intentionally, including by keeping a blessing card on hand to express your gratitude for your meals and snacks!
  5. Buy better – There’s a lot to be sensitive to when grocery shopping; try to buy organic, local, and higher-welfare products whenever possible. And while you’re at it, try a Meatless Monday with the help of these kosher vegetarian recipes!
  6. House tune-up – Get excited to cut down your water and electricity bills! Learn about getting an energy audit for your home, and how you can cut down on energy waste.
  7. Green your Simcha – Have a lifecycle event in the making? From weddings to births to b’nei mitzvah, make your celebration joyous for both your in-laws and the environment! Follow these guidelines from Uri L’Tzedek to avoid waste and support responsible businesses.
  8. Call your representatives – Many of the threats to our food systems and environment call for systemic change, so make your voice heard! Contact your local and federal elected representatives to make sure our values are being protected and promoted. [link to advocacy page]
  9. Attend an event – Ready to learn, collaborate, and be inspired? The JOFEE community keeps its calendar packed with conferences, teachings, shabbat dinners, and other events for you to join. Check out our Events page to find an event near you! 

Want more JOFEE at home? Don’t forget to visit the Hazon Online Shop, for books, food, music, and more!