JOFEE is all about learning together and around the country JOFEE educators work to create unique, relevant, and engaging content, bringing Jewish texts and ideas on our shared earth-based traditions to life. Whether you’re just beginning to explore Jewish farming and environmentalism or you’re a seasoned JOFEE educator, you’re in the right place to find unique learning and teaching materials prepared by members of the JOFEE community.

Looking for a place to start? Check out these incredible ELI talks – a quick introduction to fundamental JOFEE theology.

Zelig Golden – Founding Director, Wilderness Torah – Rekindling the Flame of Earth-based Judaism

Yoshi Silverstein – Director of JOFEE Fellowship – Community By Design: Judaism and the Torah of Place

Aharon Ariel Levi – Hakhel Director of sustainable communities; Hazon – Shmita: A Workplan for the 21st Century Economy

Additional JOFEE learning suggestions and resources can be downloaded HERE

The JOFEE Resource Bank, housed on the Seal of Sustainability website, provides a wide range of JOFEE study and teaching materials from many of our partners, including program curricula from our JOFEE Fellows, with an easy-to-use search interface that lets you filter results by audience and subject area. This is a rich resource for anyone interested in exploring JOFEE.

  • Canfei Nesharim – Connecting traditional Torah texts with contemporary scientific findings, Canfei Nesharim educates and empowers Jewish individuals, organizations and communities to take an active role in protecting the environment through these 18 Core Teachings.
  • Dvarim Hamakom – Each week JOFEE fellows share reflections on what they’ve learned teaching earth-based Judaism, with connections to the weekly Torah portion and the holidays.
  • Food For Thought – Written by Nigel Savage and Anna Hanau, Food for Thought is designed to encourage participants to think critically about the food that they eat and the ways their food choices affect the health of their community and the planet. Food for Thought is is a 130-page sourcebook that draws on a range of texts from within and beyond Jewish traditions to explore a range of topics relating to Jews and food.
  • Jew and the Carrot – From Shabbat recipes to sustainability tips, from cholent to compost from restaurants to remoulade, Hazon’s award-winning blog “Jew and the Carrot” serves as the homepage for online conversations and ideas around Jews, food, and contemporary life. Whether you’re contemplating what to make for dinner or whether conventionally raised meat is really kosher – be sure to check out Jew and the Carrots for tips, thoughts, and delicious recipes for all occasions. (In partnership with The Jewish Daily Forward)
  • Jewcology.org – As the home to the Jewish environmental movement, Jewcology.org shares teachings on Jewish approaches to the environment, as well as a stellar collection of books for those who want to explore further.
  • JFS Gardening Curriculum – Calling all gardeners! Explore how to make your gardening into a sustainable, spiritual, and educational experience, with step-by-step guides and lesson plans.
  • Min Haaretz – This curriculum allows students from grades 5-9 to explore the question, what is the relationship between Jewish texts, traditions, and practices and the food we eat? More specifically, how does Judaism relate to all the processes and choices involved in how we grow, harvest, prepare, and eat our food, as well as manage our waste?
  • Neohasid: Stop the Flood – Rabbi David Mevorach promotes a deeper Jewish connection to the more-than-human world, through teaching, liturgy, stories, and song.
  • Shamayim V’Aretz – Source sheets address issues of animal welfare and meat-eating from the perspective of the Jewish tradition.
  • Wilderness Torah Teachings – Thought pieces about earth-based Judaism, commentary on the weekly Torah portion and Jewish holidays, as well as teachings about the innovative work Wilderness Torah does to reconnect Jewish culture to our indigenous roots.

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